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The Public Safety Software Company


In 1982, years of dreaming and planning came to fruition with the birth of The Creative Information Systems Company, (CISCO). In the early days of the technological revolution, CISCO's founder, Charles Sereboff, recognized the need for PC-based public safety software. As a systems analyst with public safety experience, Mr. Sereboff combined those skills to develop a few core applications which became CISCO's foundation. CISCO's mission was established then and is unchanged now: to provide computer applications software development and related services for public safety agencies worldwide.

CISCO is the oldest public safety software developer still in business today! During the early years, it became evident that agency needs were growing faster than available technology. While personal computing was still in its infancy, public safety agencies were recognizing the value of on-line records keeping. As technology has progressed, so have CISCO's applications and other product offerings. Our products continue to evolve to meet the ever increasing needs of today's sophisticated user.

CISCO's technical staff has an average of over ten years in data processing or related fields. As public safety software is our focus, CISCO has also acquired personnel with extensive experience and varied expertise in all levels of public safety service. This combination of talent provides the flexibility to deal with a variety of situations using the best available professionals in the field. These employees, recruited from both public safety and information technology, combine the ability to "speak your language" and to implement and support the features that make CISCO software a leader in the public safety software arena.

CISCO products are currently used by more than 300 City, County and regional public safety agencies. CISCO software is designed for use by public safety agencies of all sizes. The software design allows for both the simplest installation for a single agency and for complex installations for multiple public safety agencies and public safety jurisdictions.

CISCO's commitment to after-sales services fills a crucial role in maintaining customer satisfaction. We maintain a hands-on attitude with unlimited technical support and superlative responsiveness to our customer's needs. CISCO staff personnel provide documentation, training, and system support in a timely and cost effective manner.